Howard Stern Savagely Unloads On Nine Inch Nails Disrespect


Howard Stern revealed why Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden need to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on his show on Monday. Tool called out brutal disrespect at a festival with Nine Inch Nails last month. recapped: Robin read a story about how the list of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballot nominees are. Robin read the list to Howard and Howard gave his yes or no to the bands that were mentioned. They played some music from Kraftwerk while they were going through that list. Howard said Trent Reznor should be in there. He said that he is a genius. He said if he’s not in it then they should end the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Howard went with Nine Inch Nails times 2, Pat Benetar, Soundgarden and T-Rex. He said Dave Matthews can wait another year since he’s so young.

Howard Stern made a heartbreaking Nine Inch Nails revelation a few months ago. Robin read a story about the NBA getting into some political controversy. Robin said they were playing in China.

Howard said don’t cow tow to China. He said they have to stay free in Hong Kong. Robin said that FOX New called on Dennis Rodman to talk about that. She had some audio of that. Dennis was saying that we have no right to comment on what any other country is doing or how they’re run.

Howard was still talking about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He told Gary and Jon they have to get the 4 bands that he mentioned in there. Gary said he has to get the Doobie Brothers on that list. Howard said if they don’t get his bands in there they’re fired. Howard said he didn’t hear Robin mention Thin Lizzy earlier. He said they have to be on that list too. Howard Stern revealed what’s wrong with Weezer a few days ago.