Tool Massive 2020 World Tour Dates Revealed


Tool are set to tour in Australia in Australia and New Zealand in February 2020, with Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth rumored to get shows. The tour will be announced next week. Maynard James Keenan reacted to an attempted Tool show drug arrest a few days ago.

The band are currently touring their new album Fear Inoculum in North America. jake_klossing wrote on Reddit about a show in Chicago a couple of days ago, “I get that people don’t want to hear The Pot or Vicarious, but it was honestly awesome hearing all of those songs. As much as I wanted Descending, I really liked hearing Maynard sing a bunch more and it’s always a pleasure hearing a good “catchy” Tool song live. I feel like they translate better live, too.

Oh yeah and for some reason, I think Jambi was greatly improved from past years. I was grooving so hard, my neck was feeling pretty sore. Same thing with Invincible. Maynard sounds insanely good, Pneuma was a massive hit, and the band’s charisma is a blessing. Overall, I was really happy with today’s set. I got to hear songs I haven’t experienced yet live, and Maynard’s stage presence is humorous.”

Alice In Chains hurting the new Tool album schedule was revealed yesterday. jean-claude_vandamme said about the Chicago concert, “It was my first Tool show, and Lateralus and Aenima were 2 of 12 CDs I had in my car at all times in high school! Never really lined up for see to see them live in the past and I can say that this was something else. Hats off to the band and the crowd, amazing energy in the UC tonight that I honestly was not expecting!

Invincible live is every bit a good as this sub has been saying this tour. Absolutely electric. Spiral out!”

MikeIsSmart wrote, “Best show I’ve ever seen. Pneuma was transcendent. The lighting/stage design was definitely the best ever at a tool show. All 4 guys were at their absolute peak and amazing. Danny in particular had the greatest performance I’ve ever seen by any musician. The dude is just a freak. Thank you Tool. Best band ever.” A Tool member looked like he shaved his head bald a few days ago.