Maynard James Keenan Stunned By Disrespect At Starbucks


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan reacted to conservatives being disrespectful after a hilarious Starbucks request with a firing threat on Twitter.

MuellerDad69 tweeted, “I’m the manager of a Starbucks in Charlotte NC. I have informed my employees that they will be fired on the spot if I hear them say ‘Merry Christmas’ to any customers. I’m doing it because I personally dislike conservative Christians.

Blaine on the Shelf responded, “If you think conservatives aren’t funny, just read their hilarious responses to this obvious joke that they obviously get.”

Maynard responded, “I haven’t laughed that hard since the last time I laughed that hard. Tuesday last, if memory serves. Good read. #lightenupfrancis.”

Maynard James Keenan was ‘thrown out’ of the studio in a video filmed a few days ago. Tool fans recently discussed expensive ticket prices on Reddit. Rcc818 asked, “Question regarding live shows: Are you crazy motherfuckers really paying $500+ for pit tickets? I’ve never seen Tool live and I had no idea the pricing would be like this.”

AstralOfficial commented, “$500 doesn’t break everybody’s bank. They play in metropolitan areas, it makes sense. I once paid $700 for two tickets to see Paul McCartney at MSG (granted it was on StubHub), and our seats were in the 200 level. Events in cities are expensive.”

Weareallonenomatter said, “Agreed. But it is weird when pit tickets just ten years ago were less than half that price. Tool live is in such high demand that inflation of prices this tour is quite egregious.

I highly checking Reddit and Craigslist the day of the show for face value deals. ive had amazing results getting tickets on the day of the show due to so many people having to unload a ticket last minute. its a gamble, but I’ve even scored scalpers tickets outside the venue 5 minutes before showtime because they cant sell everything. GOOD LUCK!” Maynard James Keenan was recently booed at a Tool concert.