Metallica Bassist Announces Big Name ‘Replacement’


One-time Metallica bassist questioned the historical accuracy of this piece of Metallica history recently on Twitter. The factoid was posted by the fan account BookofMetallica who highlighted the date of February 15th, 1983. This was when Metallica decided to move to San Francisco, as Cliff Burton only agreed to join the band if they’re willing to move out. Metallica bassist ‘refuses’ 2020 tour for huge money.

However, McGovney took issue with this as he tweeted back: “I’m not sure how this date was made their decision to move date. I knew what was happening with Cliff on my last trip to S.F. with the band in November of 82. I told them to take their equipment from my house in early December of 82. I was of no use to them anymore.”

James Hetfield unloads on Metallica bassist in sad photo. In other Metallica news, fans took to the music subreddit recently to discuss and debate the merits of Metallica’s popularity. Ilovebookssomuch4444 said: I don’t get why Metallica is loved so much. To me, Metallica is an overrated band. I mean yeah, some songs are good (enter sandman, sad but true, the thing that shouldn’t be…) but I have friends who are obsessed with this band. They literally play nothing but Metallica in their bedroom for hours every day, and they play nothing else. I would like to understand what’s the deal with Metallica.

Another fellow Redditor replied: “Bands these days have too much competition to become popular, Metallica was defining a genre way before anyone else was. They basically grew out the Metal genre way more than anyone else. I’d say that they popularized metal in a time where other lesser-known bands were actually innovating the sound. Although maybe they did innovate in the sense that they put metal into a radio-friendly format.” Metallica bassist retires, is Jason Newsted back?