Metallica Reveal If Jason Newsted Is ‘Really Sick’


Metallica great Kirk Hammett recently discussed about the last time he spoke to Jason Newsted and gave an update on the condition of Newsted’s health in a new interview with ‘Let There Be Talk’. Metallica revealed why they ‘abandoned’ Jason Newsted.

Hammett told the show the following. “I think the last time I saw Jason, he was doing really well. He was in better health – because he had neck problems and, you know, Jason, he really likes to just sit around and play music, man. And I know that that’s what he’s doing. He’s just playing music with whoever he wants to play, and more power to him. I heard he’s into this whole Americana thing now – he was always into that kind of stuff.”

A Metallica icon called out this ‘Cheater’ for big-name affair recently.  In other news regarding Hammett and Metallica fans too to social media to revisit one of the groups’ most classic albums – ‘Reload’. One fan put: “Back in their younger days, Metallica played heavy-metal and ushered the heavy-metal genre into a new dimension. Featuring a great cast of band members, these four men created the best three albums ever made, according to some who’ve come to enjoy Metallica. Unfortunately, Cliff perished in a terrible accident, making the band a three-some. However, the band never quit. They enlisted the aid of one Jason Newstead and continued to make albums that were also awesome.”

The fan continued: “Reload is no exception. Reload is the sequel to Load, featuring the same style and power that was provided in Load, only it became different. Different because the band was actually cool enough to change their style and try something new for a change. Every song never lacks intensity, whether it may be slow or fast. Perhaps the best songs that are deserved to be mentioned would be Attitude, Fuel, Fixxxer, Where The Wild Things Are, Better Than You, and Devil’s Dance, because of it’s melodic riffs and drums doing a great job. Other songs are also excellent in their own right as well. James’s voice fits the atmosphere of the songs, Kirk’s solos are amazing, Lars does a great job with his drum playing, while Jason is filling the void with his bass playing.”

The fan concluded: “When it’s all said and done, Metallica will mostly be remembered as a band who never quit and who wanted to be different from the rest. Not caring what anyone else says about them, they still continue to make some of the best music in the world and I’m proud to say that Metallica is doing an excellent job with their music. If people cannot accept the style that Metallica is currently relying on, then you shouldn’t listen to this awesome masterpiece. However, if people can accept change and don’t mind to listening to something different, then I believe that Reload is worth listening to.” Jason Newsted’s tragic new Metallica photo revealed.

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