Metallica Icon Allegedly ‘Busted’ With Alcohol By Cops


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney took to social media vita Twitter to post the following retro piece about himself from a 1982 Metallica show. The piece showcases how McGovney ran into trouble with the law, prior to the even for carrying open cans of booze. Metallica icon calls out ‘sloppy’ Dave Mustaine performance

Miraculously the one-time Metallica bassist doesn’t recall the incident ever occurring as he stated on Twitter: “An old fanzine article from a Metallica show at the Stone in San Francisco in 1982. ” Despite being busted earlier in the evening by S.F.P.D. for carrying open cans of brew on the street.” Ron responded, “What? I don’t recall this at all. More info needed.” Metallica ‘lose’ singer after James Hetfield drama.

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of the group’s most iconic albums – ‘Master of Puppets.’ One fan noted: “[The album] sounds great, it’s like I’m hearing things in the tracks I’ve never heard before, and with more impact. Improved sonics all the way around the sound spectrum for sure. And the included extras are like icing on the cake. The demos tracks CD and the live tracks CD (all performances taken from the Damage, INC tour) are all quite listenable.”

The fan continued: “The twenty-minute long interview with Cliff Burton was interesting to listen to but also sad since he is no longer with us. He seemed low-key and down to earth. He talks about how he was still living with his parents, etc. And looking through the included pictures, you really get a sense of how young all band members still were at the time of the album’s release.” Metallica bassist unloads on bad Dave Mustaine ripoff.