Paul Stanley ‘Disgusting’ Onstage KISS Rant Leaks


Fans of the KISS fan forum KissFAQ discussed the matter of KISS frontman, Paul Stanley cursing during the group’s shows and the band’s evolution from the early days and being seen as ‘squeaky-clean’ to now. KISS show ‘absence’ surprises Paul Stanley fans.

Soylent Gene asked: “When did Paul make the decision to begin swearing on stage? KISS was known for their kid-friendly image in the ’70s and rarely strayed from their squeaky clean superhero stage personas. Was it on the Creatures tour? Lick it Up tour? Why the potty mouth all of a sudden?”

Fellow forum user Missingdiver replied by stating: “I was nine years old and my Dad took me to the Creatures tour. There were a few other younger kids like me but mostly a scary rough-looking crowd of teens and twenty-somethings. Paul immediately screamed that he didn’t give ‘a f*** what your parents think of us..’ after the opening songs. Kinda awkward when you’re sitting with your Dad. They were trying to be dangerous….that combined with the plasmatics opening they did seem to be dangerous again.

The user later continued by saying: “To Paul’s defense he did swear a little in the early years at Coventry etc, Peter did. Life in the woods for example. In 76 or 77 he talks about how the changing weather “hot one day, cold the next, I don’t care, don’t mean shit to me..” Adrenaline onstage I guess. The ’80s was so blatant though. Paul Stanley KISS movie with big name revealed.

Whereas another forum user – BlackAce wrote: “Americans are a very conceited bunch. They see the American market as the only market. Your backyard is not the entire world. What because your immediate friendship group wasn’t into the group anymore and kids were going to the show’s that was the only fanbase left?”

In other news regarding KISS and Paul Stanley, fans took to the KISSfaq fan forum to discuss their favorite all-time KISS live performances. One user suggested: “In my opinion, Hot in the Shade tour was a huge comeback for the band. They played a long set with all kinds of revived classics and the production was simply awesome.” While another one said: “Animalize Live Uncensored is the best ever. I also love Live on Fridays because The Elder/Killers look is my all-time favorite.” KISS’ Paul Stanley apologizes for bad remark to women.