Ozzy Osbourne Attacks Older Man At Home In Leaked Photo


Legendary Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne was photographed on Christmas catching Santa Claus breaking into his home. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife just revealed what Paul Stanley did to her.

Ozzy wrote on Instagram, “Just caught this guy trying to break in! #happyholidays.”

Ozzy Osbourne fans discussed the new “Under The Graveyard” video on his Reddit page. Philip_Swiftopher posted, “Loved it. It actually took me a second to realize this was the story of Ozzy after Sabbath kicked him out. It was a great story, though. Sharon really did save his life. Also, the song’s awesome so that helps.”

Geezer_Fan_13 commented, “Hell. Yes. When you put a good song to a better story, you get Ozzys life.”

Titan_lawyer responded, “I think that they should’ve gotten the Ozzy actor from the Dirt to play Ozzy in the music video. But great nonetheless. I don’t know about you folks, but this is screaming Ozzy biopic all over the place.”

SickThings2018 chimed in, “The actor from The Dirt was terrific as Ozzy! Still, loved this video and would love to know who the actress is who played Sharon.”

Weak Department posted that he thought the “Take What You Want” and “Under The Graveyard” guitar riffs sound similar. He posted, “Is it just me or do the opening riffs of these songs sound extremely similar? If so was this intentional?”

Fragilemusicalbox shot back, “The intro singing in the background are so similar… that they are the same. And the guitar starts with the same notes, so you can say they’re very similar. (In my opinion).”

Gaumont12345 wrote, “Honestly it doesn’t surprise me that much considering the post song is what sorta inspired him to make a new album. Id be disappointed if another song was that similar to it on the album but i cant see it.” Alice Cooper recently liked a ‘miserable’ Ozzy Osbourne photo.