Metallica Redo Classic Song With Ex-Bassist


Tye Trujillo, who is the 17-year-old son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, contributed “additional guitar tracks” to the version of Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets.” The version of the song is featured in Netflix’s season four finale of “Stranger Things”.

Robert Trujillo sends a message

In the finale, the Eddie Munson character performs what he calls “the most metal concert ever” — including shredding “Master Of Puppets” on his beloved Warlock guitar — in “Stranger Things”‘ “Upside Down” alternate universe during an attempt to help his friends vanquish the Big Bad of the season, a demon named Vecna.

Recently, Robert took to his Instagram to share a few photos from the episode, as well as a video of some of the show’s credits. He wrote in the accompanying caption:

“**Spoiler Alert** That’s my boy! Proud of ya Tye! Stranger Things finale shredding it on ‘Master of Puppets’ and big thanks to @kirkhammett on helping! @tyetru @metallica @strangerthingstv #metallica #masterofpuppets #strangerthings #eddiemunson”.

29-year-old actor Joe Quinn, who plays Munson, told Entertainment Weekly about how he prepared for the role:

“I listened to a lot of heavy metal. That was my … God, it’s impossible to not sound pretentious when you say it, but, yeah, that was my way in.”Quinn went on to say that he began playing guitar after watching Jack Black in the 2003 cult classic movie “School Of Rock”.

In recent months, Tye has played a number of shows as the bassist for Suicidal Tendencies. He is filling in for regular Suicidal Tendencies bassist Roberto “Ra” Díaz, who is currently playing bass for KORN.