Ozzy Osbourne Brutally Hit During Drug Meltdown


The use of drugs in the world of music, rock music in particular is a tale as old as time. Most recently this A-list band member admitted to two drug relapses. However, in the case of Ozzy Osbourne, it is being reported that his habit was quite incredible. As it’s currently being reported by UK based outlet, The Sun, Osbourne, who was being reported by another outlet told a reporter that he would physically abuse himself by hitting himself on a wooden plank, just for a piece of wood.

As said by the man himself: “I used to get a piece of wood and whack myself over the head, so they would give me a bottle of pain pills. Normal people don’t bash themselves on the head with wood?’

Osbourne would continue: “We are f***ing clowns.” The f***ing lies I used to tell (to get drugs). Someone once said to me that to be a good liar you have to have a good memory and mine is f***ing horrible.”

Also during the interview, the Black Sabbath icon and ‘Bark at the Moon’ singer’, who recently announced his intentions to renew his wedding vows to his wife Sharon Osbourne, would talk about how at one point
he had such a high tolerance to drugs he could not be put to sleep when an anesthesiologist tried to give him only one dose and needed a second dose to be fully affected.

“I once went for a procedure a long long time ago when I f***ing used to be doing all this s***. The guy putting the stuff in goes: ‘How long have you been doing this music?’ And I said so and so many years…and kept talking. And he goes: ‘And why aren’t you asleep yet?’ He gave me two syringe fulls.”