Metallica Reveal Heartbreaking Jason Newsted Secret


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has hinted that former bassist Jason Newsted will not return for the new S&M 2 show, 20 years after the original one. AC/DC and Metallica member were filmed drinking in a stunning new video.

“It’s a new group of people. It’s a new building. Robert Trujillo wasn’t involved 20 years ago,” Ulrich said in a new interview. “I like that (this production) extends a respectful nod to what it’s been in the past. But, at the same time, it’s an opportunity for new discoveries.”

“And I think that is the Metallica spirit — of continuing this sort of quest forward rather than being tied down to the past.”

A Jason Newsted comeback performance recently stunned Metallica fans. He also said, “We do what we do and some even accuse us of being semi-good at it. And that’s sort of our niche.

“But I believe that any musician will always have a tremendous amount of respect and humility around other players and other people who excel at their particular niche or particular craft.

“I take it very seriously that I am, for better or worse, the anchor of the whole thing. And you just want to be on top of your game and really focused.” Ulrich made the comments in a new Mercury News interview.

Fade2Black89 posted on Reddit, “Goin Friday night. Really hoping that by chance seein how it’s the 20th anniversary of doing the show and we are missing one person. That maybe Jason does one song with the guys.”

TristanH1987 said, “I’d lose my shit but it’s not gonna happen. I hope they don’t play roam because rob really doesn’t do the backing vocals justice on it like Jason does.”

NSFWormholes wrote, “Lots of Jason backing vocals on S&M. This could be rough without him.”

kirkemg chimed in, “Agree, his vocal contribution really packs the extra punch the songs need IMO. James sounds better than ever at the moment. Evident in the recent Outlaw torn performance. They all absolutely killed but for the chorus which was thin as fuck without Jason…”

wattheball concluded, “Rob shouldn’t be doing ANY backing vocals imo. It’s not a knock on Rob either. He simply doesn’t have good vocals and that’s not a bad thing. He’s a virtuoso bass player and has great stage presence..why are they trying to shoehorn him in to fill every part of Jasons roll is beyond me.

I recently watched Spit Out the Bone performance in Denmark and his vocals were atrocious, sorry they just were it almost ruined the song. To be really honest, I think Kirk should do the backing vocals, he actually has a pretty decent voice surprisingly.” Jason Newsted recently revealed what Gene Simmons did to Metallica.