AC/DC Singer Leaks Crazy Metallica Alcohol Video


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has uploaded a clip of his ‘Life on the Road’ series on AXS TV where he interviews Metallica drummers Lars Ulrich, who is drinking alcohol in the clip. Ulrich also discussed a ‘crazy’ show with AC/DC. An AC/DC Axl Rose breakup secret was revealed yesterday.

Johnson said, “It looks rock and roll, that’s the good thing about it.” He added, “There’s nothing here that shouldn’t be. It looks the business.”

Ulrich responded, “We’ve been here 15 years.” Johnson shot back, “There’s nothing here that shouldn’t be. That’s fantastic.”

An AC/DC icon revealed why Angus Young is a ‘recluse’ last week. Ulrich laughed and proclaimed, “I like that. There’s nothing here that shouldn’t be.” The two then hugged. Ulrich recently wrote on social media, “28 years ago today, on August 10th 1991, we played the first show on the AC/DC European tour at Gentofte Stadium just north of Copenhagen in Denmark.

The crazy, kooky thing about that is according to the map finder, the Stadium is located a 6 min drive from where I was born. Check it out! Haha..

The Black album was just coming out, we were on tour with AC/DC, playing a stone throw from the backyard where I spent my first 17 years, shirtless, long rocker hair, spitting water like a madman. Life was fucking way cool and way loopey….it was all about the possibilities!! #wanna 📸 by @rosshalfin.” A rejected new AC/DC album cover was leaked earlier this week. A new AC/DC tour with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams rejoining the band is rumored for 2020.