Jason Newsted Reveals If Metallica Hate Gene Simmons


Metallica’s Kirk Hammett took to social media via Instagram to reveal this very cool Japanese rock book which solidifies the group’s admiration for rock heroes that came before them, more specifically, Gene Simmons as he is the mentioned as the only English-name in this international-only book. Jason Newsted looks sad in photo with this Metallica replacement.

One fan was also quick to point out to mention how much Simmons meant to one particular Metallica legend in Jason Newsted. As Metallica superfan Haloformer2002 responded on Instagram: “it’s the bass he played, as a signature model and it makes sense since Gene Simmons was one of his idols.”

Metallica’s singer takes brutal shot at Jason Newsted in photo. Here is what Hammett himself said about the post: “So this is what the band looked like in 1991… from a nifty little Japanese promo diary created for the Black Album release. Pretty cool, and we *all* had hair.”

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to social media via the group’s subreddit to reflect upon one of the group’s most controversial albums – St. Anger. One fan mused: “I’m gonna be real, in my personal opinion, it’s not very good. There are some interesting concepts thrown around, I’d say the first two tracks were pretty damn decent, then it sorta fell off the deep end. A lot of the tracks sort of just sound the exact same, although a couple later in the album managed to get my attention. The Unnamed Feeling is pretty damn good, but I feel like with a lot of the tracks it just runs for way too long. Even the ones which I found interesting felt painfully repetitive and some of the lyrics/vocals felt forced and lyrically starved. In a way the entire album felt very dated and listening to it gives very strong early 2000’s vibes. The production isn’t very good either. The album sounds very claustrophobic and the instrumentation mixing is all over the place.”

This Metallica icon recently called out blatant Dave Mustaine ripoff. The fan continued: “It sounds like a rough mix, and although I don’t mind “raw” production it really just feels bad to listen to. Even the good tracks are bogged down by excessive compression. Just very muddy sounding. The snare isn’t even the main problem, on some tracks such as “Some Kind of Monster”, it’s mixed way too low and takes away from the punch of the song. The snare sound does add to the sound of some tracks though, such as the title track “St. Anger” which is actually pretty good, I especially love the “Set my anger free” part of the song. Overall, I give the album of a 5/10. Some decent-ish tracks, but bogged down by a muddy production, bad vocals, and excessively long songs.