Michael Anthony Calls Out Sad Van Halen Lie


David Lee Roth blew up the rock and roll world in December when he said Van Halen would be coming back with the ‘original thing’ this summer, saying that the next time he would be in New York he would be playing at Yankee Stadium, and that he had been talking to some famous bands like Metallica, Foo Fighters, and Guns N’ Roses about teaming up.

Roth’s comments pointing at an original Van Halen lineup reunion led to fervent rumors for months, with Sammy Hagar even confirming that Van Halen management reached out to Anthony in 2018, but that there hadn’t been any followup. Anthony shot down rumors of a tour in early 2019 interviews, but his somewhat evasive nature along with Roth’s comments made fans skeptical if he was telling the truth.

Anthony posted a photo on Instagram a few days ago, “A little R&R in the motorhome with the family before the start of The Circle tour with @Sammy-Hagar, @jasonbonham, and@Vic Johnson!! #lovethemotorhome #thecircle #readytorock.”

A fan commented, “Thought The Circle was on hold because of VH tour??”

Anthony responded, “VH tour is not gonna happen.”

This is the strongest denial yet from Anthony, as in interviews he was forced to answer, while on Instagram he could choose if he wanted to respond to a comment.