The Rolling Stones Icon Calls Out ‘Nasty’ Keith Richards


Former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman was asked if he had regrets over leaving the band in a new Guitar World interview. He was also asked if any ‘nasty’ Keith Richards or Mick Jagger comments annoyed him after his departure. A Keith Richards ‘drunk driving’ claim was recently made by Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife.

Wyman said, “Are you serious? [Laughs.] Not one iota—I never have. I enjoyed my time there, and I’m still mates with everyone. Except for Charlie, they didn’t understand my leaving at the beginning. So there were bad vibes and nasty comments going out in the press.

But then they were all right with my decision. I got married, and they understood what was happening with me. We still send each other birthday and Christmas presents. We’re still family, but I don’t want to see them every day of the week—once in a while is okay.”

A Keith Richards photo with a creepy looking Tom Cruise was just revealed. August_West_1990 posted recently on Reddit about the Stones’ 2019 tour, “My God, Did They Kick Ass in 2019. I was just listening to the second MetLife from August last year as well as the several IEM mixes that have come out from this tour. Dammit, they absolutely killed it last year: so sharp, so crisp, so beautifully on the fucking money. Power, precision, energy in spades.

I compared it to some shows from 2017-18 and I was stunned by the difference. In 2017-18 tempos dragged, Keith was blowing cues, and Mick sounded increasingly fatigued. They finally really sound like just very old men trying to plag rock and roll.

2019 somehow was faster, tighter and all around excellent. Mick’s voice is in fantastic shape, Keith and Ronnie both play beautifully, and Charlie is just un-f***ing-stoppable at 78. That they pull off those accelerated endings to YCAGWY and Midnight Rambler is incredible to me. Bring on 2020 and the new album and tour. I just love these guys.”

HammerGal responded, “This! I felt the same; most exciting show of 7 since I saw them as lads in their 30s. I was in Philly on the floor and I’ll never forget it.”

You can read the full Bill Wyman interview at Guitar World.