Michael Jackson Family Reveals Sad Paul McCartney Secret


Paul McCarney secrecy revealed! Paris Jackson, the daughter of late and controversial ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson took to social media via Instagram to reveal this stunning photograph of McCartney and John Lennon. Paris wrote: “this has got to be one of my all-time favorite photographs.. stolen from a fellow Beatle maniac.” Paul McCartney ‘grabbed’ by younger woman in video.

In other news revolving Sir Paul McCartney and the Beatles, fans recently took to the ‘Fab Four’s’ subreddit to discuss their favorite ‘creepy’ songs by the Beatles. One fan kicked things off by asking: “The Beatles, for the most part, are pretty upbeat and make music that puts most people in a good mood (all you need is love, here comes the sun, Pennylane). One thing I’ve always noticed and admired about the fab is how they can write some really creepy songs without trying to come off as spooky.”

Paul McCartney caught grabbing young girl in sad photo. The user continued: “I’m Only Sleeping is particularly eerie to me. Something about it makes me uneasy. Revolver, in general, has an extremely creepy vibe (still my favorite album of all time). How do they pull this off without forcing it? When a band like glass animals, for example, make a song that sounds creepy, I can tell they’re trying. With the Beatles, I never know If they were trying or it was an accident. What do you think? How do they do it? What songs do you find subtly creepy?”

Fellow Reddit user TripTrippity responded by saying: “Once they started dabbling with psychedelics, the music got a lot trippier and in some cases creepier. Some of my favorite more “creepy” Beatles songs would have to the Blue Jay Way (I love how it’s hard to tell if George is singing please don’t belong or please don’t belong in some parts.) I also really love Glass Onion, and the references to some of their other songs in there are brilliant. The orchestral buildup in a Day in the Life and especially the weird noises at the end of the song/album that repeat forever on vinyl. Strawberry Fields has a bit of creepy vibe too, all of those songs are great.” Paul McCartney wife bends over in stunning photo.