Paul McCartney Caught Grabbing Young Girl In Sad Photo


The official Instagram account of Paul McCartney‘s late wife, Linda McCartney posted the following photo. The photo is actually a group photo of Paul, Linda and then-baby Mary McCartney from 1969. This particular picture was posted to showcase and advertise the last days of the Linda Retrospective exhibit that was on display until January 12th, 2020 at the Kelvingrove Museum in Scotland. You can view the photo below. Paul McCartney wife bends over in stunning photo.

In other news regarding Sir Paul, fans of the man called ‘Macca’ recently took to social media to discuss one of McCartney’s more recent offerings – the hit album ‘Home Tonight/In A Hurry’. One fan proclaimed: ” Sir Paul may never write another “Yesterday”, “My Love”, or “Band On The Run”. Time may finally be catching up to him. However, his latest single, “Home Tonight” backed with “In A Hurry” is a very catchy mix of nostalgia and now. Culled from the sessions that gave us “Egypt Station”, “Home Tonight” could have (and probably should have) taken the place of “Fuh U” on that album. It’s much more in keeping with the overall style and theme of “Egypt Station”. Give McCartney a couple of style points for the shock value of “Fuh U”, but “Home Tonight” is a better overall song.” Paul McCartney getting ‘overweight’ revealed in sad photo. 

The fan continued: “In contrast, “In A Hurry” could only ever be a “B” side, with its psychedelic flair and almost avant-garde nature toward the end of the track. It fits the chaotic effect of the spinning picture disc, which is the one thing about this release that I really disliked. Picture discs often do not sound as good as regular vinyl records, or even most colored vinyl records, due to the changing density of the coloring agents. Plus, friction from the stylus (needle) will, over time, dull the color of the record. Maybe Paul will release a “regular” version someday. For now, whatever Sir Paul wants, Sir Paul gets. I’m just happy he keeps putting out new music.” Paul McCartney calls out ‘spoiled’ family in video.