Mick Jagger Spotted At Bar With Young A-List Model


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was spotted with daughter Jade and model Kate Moss at the London Fashion Week launch of Jade’s jewelery collection on last week at the Nolita Social bar. Jagger embraced his daughter Jade in a touching photo. Jagger was recently photographed bending over outside his hotel room.

Mick Jagger recently wrapped up The Rolling Stones’ No Filter North American tour, following a dramatic postponement when he needed heart surgery. Fans on IORR.org are suffering from post-tour depression.

jumpontopofmebaby said, “Tour is over and I don’t have any Stones shows to look forward to. Big let down. I miss that feeling of having one of their concerts in front of me.”

Mick Jagger KeefMick posted, “Jump–I feel your pain. I went to 4 shows, including the first and last. Between the 2.5 months of shows and the following along on IORR in between shows, it’s been great. Now everything grinds to a halt, with little info and dubious chatter about nonsensical topics. It is quite the come down. It did sound from BV like we might not have to wait all that long for info on a future spring tour but that is me reading between the lines and maybe some wishful thinking.”

Jimmy Page recently revealed what Robert Plant beat Mick Jagger at. Hairball wrote, “Post No Filter Tour – I feel completely content and satisfied. It was a thrilling experience from start to finish with several ups and downs – from the first rumours, the official announcement, Mick’s heart valve problem, the postponement, Mick’s quick recovery, the rescheduled dates, threats of hurricanes, etc., etc., etc.

Somewhat of a miracle the tour happened at all really, and ultimately ended in as a major success for both the band and fans alike.

Looking forward to the next chapter in the adventures with the Rolling Stones – be it a continuation of No Filter (likely), a new album (unlikely any time soon), or whatever else they may decide to do…as long as the Stones keep on rolling, all is right in the world.” Mick Jagger allegedly rejected paying an expensive bill.