Mick Jagger Daughter Takes Beach Suit Photos


Mick Jagger‘s daughter, Georgia May Jagger looks completely ravishing in these new beach swimsuit photos! Mick Jagger daughter also revealed this stunning gay secret. The budding fashion designer and model took to social media via Instagram to post the following photos of her living it up at the Andronis Luxury Suites in Santorini, Greece. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger’s daughter were recently spotted kissing a couple of days ago. Jagger posted the following in regards to the set:

I had such a wonderful time this week in Santorini celebrating my day one @posybrinkley thank you @andronissuites 🍸

The full photo collection can be viewed below. In other news regarding The Rolling Stones, fans on the official Facebook page for The Rolling Stones were discussing the anniversary of the group’s 1997 studio album – Bridges to Babylon and their favorite track from the release. 

Frank said: ” I think they’re the easy picks, but Out of Control and Saint of Me are my two favorite. I went to the Columbus, Ohio show on that tour and it was undoubtedly my favorite Rolling Stones concert ever (2nd of 8 times seeing them). They played so many surprise songs that night (Sister Morphine, Little Queenie, Let it Bleed and 19th Nervous Breakdown to name a few).

Mick Jagger and Slash were mocked by a big name actor recently. Dmitriy recalled: “I bought this album in music shop on audio cassette in 1999. There were only 12 tracks (without you don’t have to mean it) and I kept thinking that it was ok. Later in several years I realized that album had to include 13 tracks… Anyway I bought that album because of Anybody Seen My Baby? That song was brilliant with amazing video that attracted new fans of stones that I became then. I consider that song to be the last real stones’ masterpiece that is loved by everyone. I am from Ukraine, Kiev, and since 1999 I have turned out the stones fan.”

Deborah replied with: “Out of Control is the stand-out and it’s so great live! This was the tour that got us all traveling…..Chicago – Amsterdam and Copenhagen that year, and then the travel-to-the-Stones addiction really kicked in😂