Mick Jagger Girlfriend Calls Out Keith Richards Affair Rumor


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger‘s ex-girlfriend Marianne Faithfull shot down a claim in her book that she and Mick were spotted using a Mars candy bar in Richards’ bedroom when 19 police officers raided Richards’ home in February 1967. The Rolling Stones’ member rejecting a major Led Zeppelin offer was revealed yesterday.

Everyone involved has denied the bedroom story, and Faithfull called it a ‘dirty old man’s fantasy.’ The cops didn’t have to break down the doors, as Faithfull reportedly opened the door. There have been rumors that they used acid during the day, but any claims and details have to be taken as hearsay, especially with possibly altered mindsets.

Keith Richards’ daughter being ‘in love’ with an old rock icon was detailed a few days ago. GasLightStreet has pointed out on IORR.org that The Rolling Stones have been pumping out live albums in recent years compared to the past. He wrote, “For a long time they put out a live album with some space after the previous one. But lately they’re dishing them out as a pretty common thing, for what reason other than because they can I don’t know.

It used to be easy to pick ’em out and make a ranking of liking. When I got into the Stones they already had: GOT LIVE IF YOU WANT IT, GET YER YA-YA’S OUT!, LOVE YOU LIVE.

STILL LIFE was a lot of fun and at the time was vibrant. I still love it. But now there’s so much more: FLASHPOINT, NO SECURITY, LIVE LICKS, SHINE A LIGHT. And then 17, including HONK LIVE, since!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I left out the original STRIPPED (it’s included in the 15 as the multiple reissue) and CHECKER LOUNGE and CIRCUS – does anyone have them all? I don’t. I dunno if I ever will – there’s no reason to get them all, really. Why anyone would have SUMMER SUN and or HAVANA MOON is beyond me. Maybe it’s 18 because of HYDE PARK.

I don’t know, it seems that the amount of time and money that goes into recording live shows and releasing a live album pre-internet was more of a record label demand but as simple as it may be now with digital recording, a little editing, the art work is cheap, and throwing it out online, they probably make money on them now – but not much since they don’t seem to sell well. Thoughts and facts…” Mick Jagger and Keith Richards’ daughters were photographed kissing a couple of weeks ago.