Mick Jagger Dressing As Woman At Club Leaks


The newest documentary to get praise is called Gateways Grind: ‘London’s Secret Lesbian Club’. The documentary is set to focus on how lesbian culture had to act in the shadows due to banishment from others. Mick Jagger was someone very interested in pushing the boundaries and supporting the LGBTQ community, but he had to find a way in as men were not allowed in.

Rolling Stones singer, Mick Jagger, who lived on nearby Cheyne Walk with girlfriend Marianne Faithful, had been so desperate to get in to the venue that he promised to wear a dress in order to make his dream a reality, but ultimately he was still denied entry.

Visitors could only get in with a secret code and would then have access to a bar and space where they could meet other women. With Jagger being without access via wearing a dress and by not knowing the code to get in; he was out of luck and never did get a chance to get into the club.

While Mick Jagger was devastated to not get near the club, the rock and roll community was devastated to learn that the legendary frontman recently contracted the virus that caused the worldwide pandemic. In fact, this bandmate of The Rolling Stones would recently comment on Mick Jagger’s illness.

Due to this, the group had to cancel a series of tour dates and issue statements that explained that while The Rolling Stones are deeply sorry for the multiple postponements, the safety of the audience, fellow musicians and the touring crew takes priority. It was also mentioned that tickets for any rescheduled shows will be honored and ticket holders should keep their tickets.

We hope that Mick Jagger gets well very soon.

Special thanks to Daily Mail.