Mick Jagger Drops Bombshell In Leaked Text Messages


The Rolling Stones, one of rock’s most iconic and quintessential groups in the history of the genre have not toured since the band’s 2021 ‘No Filter’ tour. This particular tour was originally scheduled for the summer of 2020 – however, it was pushed back due to the pandemic. Fans will be delighted to know however that it appears that Stones could very well be hitting the road once again in the near future – at least internationally speaking.

This fellow classic rock icon recently revealed his feelings about Mick Jagger. In a new viral and cryptic social media post, Jagger would take to Instagram to share a series of ‘text messages’ to fellow Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood indicating that another tour could very well be in play. To add more fuel to the fire that this would, indeed, be a European tour – on March 11th, the band posted a video to Instagram which displayed planet earth scattered with their logo on top of numerous locations, such as London and other cities. Both posts can be viewed below.

In other news revolving around The Rolling Stones, in an interview with the music-outlet Rolling Stone, group frontman Mick Jagger reflected upon the Stones’ fifth British and seventh American studio album, which was released on January 20th, 1967 in the UK and on February 11th of that year in the US – Between Two Buttons.

“Frank Zappa used to say he really liked it. It’s a good record, but it was unfortunately rather spoiled. We recorded it in London on four-track machines. We bounced it back to do overdubs so many times, we lost the sound of a lot of it”.

Sir Mick would go on to say: “It had interesting things on it, but I don’t think any of the songs are very good. It’s a bit like Between the Buttons. It’s a sound experience, really, rather than a song experience”.