The Rolling Stones Final 2022 Tour Dates Revealed?


The fans are eager for The Rolling Stones to perform this year. The Stones are rumored to be set to go on a European Tour and it is likely happening in June. BV posted on the forums that “there will be a Stones Tour in Europe like usual in June and July.” It has been noted that the tour is expected to be announced next week. 

The Rolling Stones are likely to kick off their European tour with Madrid

It will mark the Stones’ 60th anniversary tour. The global pandemic had disrupted the normalcy and they were unable to perform. It has been speculated that with their age, it could be their last European tour. Music journalist Julian Ruiz has also reported that the band would kick off their European tour at Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in early June. 

Mick Jagger, during a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, fellow rock icon Joe Satriani discussed playing smaller venues and dive bars with the Rolling Stone icon and explained how that was a particularly favorite pastime of Jaggers. Previously, Mick Jagger dropped retirement bombshell. Credit to the outlet for the below.

“He loved doing that,” Joe Satriani explains. “It seemed like once a month we would find a bar somewhere and we would make a deal with the local band that we would just walk in and take over their gear. And if we needed to bring an extra guitar, we would. But pretty much we plugged in to whatever they had.”