Greta Van Fleet Lip Syncing Lie Finally Revealed


Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka was recently accused by a fan of ‘lip syncing’ his guitar playing by a fan on Reddit, but a fan named gretavanfeet revealed why the claim was a lie. A Greta Van Fleet groupie sneaking on a tour bus was revealed yesterday.

Mattdaddy posted, “First time seeing GVF in San Francisco last night. Great show! But was lead guitar actually playing…? I’m a new fan of these guys. I dig the classic rock influence and really have no problem with it since they clearly go in 150%. Shows a lot of respect to the greats. Great show. Bad/low energy crowd sadly. The singer and drummer are real talents.

However….I couldn’t help but notice it really appeared like there was an electric guitar backing track being played…and the lead guitarist making very poor “act like I’m playing” movements on the frets and with his strum hand…

We noticed on the second or third song and then couldn’t shake it throughout the whole show. Maybe there’s a pedal to turn on/off? idk! It didn’t ruin the show for me because wow.,..the on-stage energy of this singer is unreal. But is this a normal thing to do on stage? If there’s a reason for it that I’m missing, then please enlighten me! Thanks!”

Greta Van Fleet defending their widely panned by haters SNL performance was detailed a few days ago. PrincessMau said, “Did we go to the same show? He was 100,000% playing. Especially all the solos. Good grief.”

Rafe211 chimed in, “Sometimes guitarists have what’s called a looper pedal where they play a riff and the pedal repeats it but I know for a fact that he’s playing because they’ve had technical difficulties where a chord broke or came loose or whatever and the guitar stopped playing then he was handed an active chord and I could tell it was active because when an amps on and not plugged into anything it makes a lot of feedback.”

gretavanfeet wrote, “I don’t think Jake uses a looper…? He mentioned in a rig rundown that his pedalboard is there for reverb, boost and little bit of drive. Just speaking from what I’ve seen (and I’m def not an expert), he likes to use a lot of palm muting for some sections so it could appear like he’s strumming without producing ‘notes/chords.’

Like if you watch him in the Highway Tune music video during the chorus sections, you’ll see his hand strum more times than you hear it. However, Sam and Danny are amazing on bass and drums; they do a phenomenal job of filling out their songs and adding texture. So that might be creating the backing track effect..?” Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka was filmed kissing a young girl earlier this week.