The Rolling Stones Icon Tells ‘Sick’ Mick Jagger To Retire


Former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman revealed that he told Mick Jagger to ‘take it easy’ from touring after news of his heart surgery surfaced. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks from Torg & Elliott.

Wyman said, “Well I didn’t know where he was, so I emailed him, I sent him my best. I just said, ‘As you now get into your older years, you should start to think about taking it a bit easier.’”

He also discussed meeting Ray Charles. Wyman said, “Well, I saw him in concert in 1964, I went with Charlie [Watts] and Keith [Richards]. But we were in a big audience, and it wasn’t a very good place, so we didn’t enjoy it so much. But then when I went to see him in London, I was always dying to meet him, because so many people had met him and performed with him, but I never had, because I had stopped traveling to America.”

Bill Wyman recently revealed why he quit The Rolling Stones ‘for good.’ Wyman added, “I saw him perform and he just took everybody out onstage, and everybody in the audience were in tears, wiping their eyes with lumps in their throat. I thought, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen anybody ever do something like that.’ No one does that for an audience. The people I was with asked if we could see him after the concert, I said nobody wants to see anyone after a concert, they’re sweaty.

Then someone came from backstage and said, ‘Mr. Charles heard you were in the audience, and he just wanted to invite you backstage to have a drink in the dressing room.’ I was shocked. I chatted to him for a half an hour, and he was the most wonderful man. Then he asked me if I wanted to play on his next album. I said, ‘Ray, I’m not good enough to play on your next album.’ I chickened out.” Tom Petty’s daughter recently revealed creepy Mick Jagger photos.