Mick Jagger Looks Very Thin In New Photo


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, whose ex-girlfriend recently went on a hot date with a legendary actor, recently took to social media via Instagram to showcase himself next to a picture-esque mountain landscape that truly looks not only breathtaking and majestic but looks like it would have come out of a painting or a screensaver.

Jagger can be seen looking fairly thin, wearing a button-down shirt and gray pants. Other photos show the singer riding an ATV, posing in the wilderness, and with his beloved four-legged friend. The following photo set can be seen below.

In other news concerning Mick Jagger, during an interview on Apple Music 1, the legendary singer for The Rolling Stones would touch on the death of late bandmate Charlie Watts and remembered the last studio sessions he had with the beloved drummer. Watts died on August 21st, 2021 at the age of 80 years old. Jagger would make the following remarks to host Zane Lowe. Credit to Loudersound for the below.

“Without Charlie being there, it’s going to be very difficult. And we’ve got tracks which have Charlie on them. But if we do new things, we won’t
“I did some stuff with him in the studio very recently while doing the Tattoo You things. […] Charlie did some work on just a few fills and stuff like that. And then we started messing around, we did some other things.”

“It’s just so weird and then very sad,” he continues. It’s such a long time that you work with someone like that, and you get to know someone so well and their quirks and their idiosyncrasies, and they know yours. And there’s a language in communication with musicians. […] After all this length of time, you have this ease of communication, so to speak. […] I miss that so much.”