Mick Jagger Terrible ‘Teen Girl’ Accusation Revealed


The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger has been accused of sleeping with an underage teen girl. Tommy Chong’s daughter Rae Dawn, claimed she slept with Jagger when she was 15 and he was 33. She described it as a “fabulous” night. Mick Jagger ‘looks like a woman’ in a sad new photo.

She told the Daily Mail, “He wasn’t that much older than me in my brain. He was 33 and young and gorgeous with a nice body.”

“It wasn’t a bad thing; it was fabulous. Totally rock ‘n’ roll. He didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do, but he was very vain, always looking in the mirror.” Jagger was still married during the affair.

Jagger met the teen girl at John Phillips’ home.

“He never asked me how old I was and I never told him. It never came up. I remember thinking he was really cute. He had tousled hair. I thought, ‘Oh man, he is beautiful.’”

The relationship was consensual, and the two were together for two entire days. “He did nothing wrong. He didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do.”

Stone4Ever posted on IORR.org, “Story from the Daily Mail newspaper. She’s the Girl in Mick’s solo video in 85. This supposedly took place 8 years earlier in 77′ when Mick was 33 and Rae was 15. Strange that she has waited so many years to put this story out. A bit depressing if true. I remember reading Mick was allegedly in Epstein’s black book of contacts, so not too shocked to see this article.”

FlyoverStones responded, “Why are you posting this? The Daily Mail is not a reputable newspaper and they have made a living off stories like this for far too long. You should delete this post and or the thread should be removed. It has no place here.”

Rocky Dijon chimed in, “It’s on a podcast and in The Hollywood Reporter, it’s not tabloid fiction. It’s also not a big deal. Today, in our current culture, it’s shocking. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was what musicians did and what famous people’s kids did. Like most teenagers they had sex and used drugs, they just sometimes also did it with their parents’ peers.

This is the same era when Mick was with Mackenzie Phillips. Keith was allegedly with Quincy Jones’ 16 year old daughter when they were mixing EXILE and she went on tour with them as his girlfriend. There are photos and footage courtesy of Robert Frank. It’s pretty simple. They were wild rock stars and their actor, musician, and comedian friends had wild kids. If you want to say they are terrible people, then ask yourself why it is you listen to Brown Sugar, So Young, Summer Romance, etc.? Their lyrics reflect their lives. Did you think they were writing fiction. If you want wholesome performers, then listen to The Carpenters.” Mick Jagger considering hiring a new The Rolling Stones drummer was just revealed.