Mick Jagger ‘Weight Loss’ Revealed In Sad Beach Photo


The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger has posted first new 2020 social media photo, as he takes a hike near the beach. He wrote, “Enjoying the sunshine.” Mick’s son Lucas commented, “Nice photo dadda. Wonder who took it?” Mick Jagger was caught wearing a horrible wig in a newly uploaded photo.

Hairball posted on IORR.org about The Rolling Stones 2020 tour rumors, “Two different twitter’ers ( twits?) have posted San Diego the 17th, with one mentioning Petco which seems a no-go due to baseball game. The other has no mention of venue, but still, May 17th….hmmmm….a Sunday…..beautiful San Diego…. old stadium about to be demolished…can this be true? We’ll find out soon enough, but something tells me the date might be slightly incorrect.”

JMD responded, “Don’t know about the 5/17 date; guess we will find out soon enough…or not.

Regarding the venue, it’s my understanding that SDSU’s plan is to build the new stadium adjacent to existing SDCCU/Qualcomm/Murph (presumably in parking lot) with goal to play there in 2022. Existing stadium will remain open for business until that is complete, with no demo to occur until fall 2022 at the earliest. So they could certainly host a Stones concert in May 2020. Whether that’s the plan or not, who knows?

(If I recall correctly, Springsteen did some shows in the old LA Sports Arena months before it was demo’d for new LAFC stadium on same site. I don’t think a building’s imminent demo will deter a promoter from renting it…whether or not it’s a dump.)”

JMD also said about a rumored San Diego show, “I saw that one. That person also has the concert at Petco on 5/17, which isn’t possible with the Padres playing that day, and all week prior (which doesn’t allow for stage to be built, etc.) And states later on that thread that the Padres will be at spring training in Peoria, Illinois in March. (Spring training is in AZ.) Probably need a second, or third, source…” Def Leppard just revealed a ‘nasty’ Mick Jagger secret.