AC/DC Member Reveals Bad Paycheck: ‘I’m Struggling’


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade discussed being in ‘absolute poverty’ as he was ‘struggling’ during his early days in music in a new Rock Today interview, though he said there was a point where his paycheck was ‘3 times’ bigger than his father’s. An AC/DC icon recently posted an Angus Young ‘passing out’ photo.

The interviewer asked “I know that in the early years you began to earn good money playing shows in working men’s clubs but when you moved to London you lived in absolute poverty, often only eating every other day. I think it’s important that we are reminded of the dedication you had to succeed.

That’s absolutely true. Just going back to that shoe shop, I see that now – and have done for decades – as synchronicity and it’s happened a few times in my life, if anybody knows anything about Carl Jung (analytical psychologist Carl Jung introduced the concept of synchronicity and ‘meaningful coincidences’: they occur with no casual relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related – Ed).

Yes, we struggled. We were making really good money in South Wales. I was making 3 times what my father was earning working in a factory. So we were quids in. We had a bit saved up and we went to London because Gordon Mills, the manager, said you’ve got to go to London – which was true.”

Angus Young ‘auditioning’ with a new AC/DC singer was recently detailed. MyCubiclePenguin posted on recently about new album and tour rumors with a Brian Johnson reunion, “Regardless of whether we get anything, it’s been a fun experience. I remember getting home after a vacation (with no wifi) in August of 2018 only to check the forum and see a thread about a new album with around 500 messages. I figured that, with 500 messages, it must have been a Rock or Bust era thread. Nope. First message was from TWO DAYS prior.

The hype was unbelievable, and I still have the photos of Rudd/Brian and Angus/Stevie saved to my computer from the day they were leaked. Nearly a year and a half ago…. I thought we would have something by December of 2018, and if you had told me then that it would be 2020 and there hadn’t been a peep I’d have said you were a fucking maniac.”

You can read the full Chris Slade interview at Rock Today.