Eddie Van Halen Confirms New Singer For 2020 Tour


Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang Van Halen has been hinting at a new album, which would feature a tour to promote it, and it appears that Wolfgang himself will handle lead vocals, and also guitars. Wolfgang’s mother Valerie Bertinelli revealed on her television show last year that Wolfgang finished the album. Eddie Van Halen just revealed a big name ‘replacement’ drummer.

Bertyoung3d asked him on social media, “Will your dad make a special appearance on your album? I’m sure you won’t answer that but he should … and will there be vocals on your album or purely instrumental. Sounding excellent.” Wolfgang responded, “Nope! It’s all me, and yes there will be vocals.” Eddie called his son a ‘badass’ in a comment as well, seemingly proud of Wolfgang taking up singing and guitar.

Jape posted on VHLinks.com, “How cool would it be if Wolf titles his album: If it sounds good….it is good!

Have like a before and after album cover, with him on the front listening alone on headphones.
Then the back shot is the same room completely totaled, with smoke rising from the headphones in the floor.”

I Coulda Hada VH said, “If Wolf’s solo album ever actually sees the light of day, I will no doubt check it out on YouTube. I’m not holding my breath or counting the days, though.”

Jungle Drummer wrote, “Lol, everyone in this thread except Cal, Dutchie, and Jape sounds like a grumpy old fart sitting on their front porch in a rocker listening to Grand Funk Railroad on an 8 track yelling at kids walking by.

Truth is, if he releases his music and it’s really good people on here without an agenda will be excited. If it’s not any good it will be forgotten quickly.” Eddie Van Halen recently made a stunning new bassist announcement.