Motley Crue Break Silence On Reunion ‘Cancelation’ Rumor


Motley Crue singer Vince Neil recently canceled a solo performance, leading to some fans falsely believing that the stadium reunion tour with Def Leppard has been canceled. A fan commented on Motley Crue’s social media, “Too bad Vince Neil canceled it.” Motley Crue responded, “Too bad your comment is horseshit.”

RockguitarPF posted, “Will they continue to tour? After the summer stadium tour, I mean. Or will they go back into retirement? I tried searching for answers on the innernet but all I found was crap about whether they’ll tour after the final tour. In other words, all I can find is old shit. What do you guys think, does anyone know anything?”

Brutusbuckeye9 commented, “I’ll be shocked if they make it through the summer, sadly.” Redvsblue3755 chimed in, “I heard Nikki say ‘maybe we will try to retire in another 5 years’ but that was jokingly so I think they will continue touring if this summer tour is a big hit.”

Heyitsthephoneguy wrote, “This is a test run. They’ll come back a few more times. I’m almost certain there’s an international tour coming too. This isn’t just isolated to the US.”

Rocknroll_barbie said, “I think they’ll use the US tour as a ‘test’ and look to tour internationally for 2021; afterall, that’s the 40 year anniversary of MC.” AJSPAZZ said, “Guarantee they tour after this!!!” Mister_Met concluded, “Will people continue to pay?” Motley Crue will launch their highly anticipated stadium tour this summer with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett in North America. A Motley Crue girlfriend revealed Vince Neil’s weight in a new photo.