Motley Crue Family Announce Painful News: ‘It’s Over’


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan has announced that she has a ‘severe’ anxiety disorder, but that it could be ‘beaten’ and once it is, it will be ‘over’ for her enemies. Furlan said, “Once I beat this severe anxiety disorder (29 years and counting) it’s truly over for you hoes.” A Motley Crue member ripped the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few days ago.

PearcyLaneMichaels posted on MetalSludge.TV’s forum about Poison possibly topping Motley Crue and Poison on their summer 2020 stadium tour, “As much shit as everyone gives Poison I think most people agree they still put on an energetic ALL LIVE stage show. These guys all still run all over the stage when they perform and Bret is jumping and running everywhere while still singing. Will Leppard and Crue look like wallflowers comparatively after Poison does their thing every night?”

HueyRamone responded, “Probably not. I like manly music, not limpdick Ashlee Simpson bullshit, so obviously I’ve never listened to Poison.

However, on here, all I hear is Poson play the smae tired set, and that Bert isnt a real singer and CC’s not a real guitarist, and Bobby Dall is the worst bassist in the world. Not that they’re some legendary live act.

Exactly how is a 4 piece of mediocre musicians going to best two other live acts and their backing tapes? Do you think the soccer moms and dad-bod’s in attendance really give a fuck about backing tapes? They wanna hear the radio hits and drink Bud lights.

‘Bertha, did you hear them do “Unskiny Bop-bop-bop-bop”? Now that’s a REAL RnR band, right there!!'”

TenBenny chimed in, “If you’re a band on a bill, you should want to kill onstage. It should practically be a job requirement. If that means besting all other bands (good-naturedly, of course), so be it. It’s like a healthy competition spurring each act to give its best up there. Remember Van Halen opening for a tired Sabbath? If you can’t hang, f**k off.” Nikki Sixx revealed when Motley Crue are done ‘for good’ a few days ago.