Paul Stanley Alleged Sad KISS Contract Demand Revealed


In a recent interview with The Metal Voice, KISS legend Bob Kulick was asked about his brother restraining order towards him. Kulick told the outlet: “In an effort to mend the fences bury the hatchet whatever you want to call it from a bad and ugly situation that Bruce precipitated last year by disrespecting me and taking my name off of a contract that was offered to us for the KISS cruise of last year.” KISS Reveal What Michael Jackson Did To Paul Stanley.

Kulick continued: “After a successful KISS cruise the year before my brother was totally intimidated by the fact that as I said to him finally Bruce it’s taken all this time we finally found our band here’s the band to conquer the world with. The band that I put together Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns. My brother was shaking in his shoes when I said to him we’re gonna have to ask Paul and Gene to pay for other people to come and play with us?”

Paul Stanley brutally threw a guitar at KISS fans recently. Elaborating the KISS brother stated: “Yeah I said because we deserve to have our own band, we’re stars, you’re a star Bruce act like it but he has no balls at all so I had to go and set that up, so that Paul and Gene would have to pay two other performers to come and be our band. Then we were listed as Kiss Konfidential down there with the people who were on the panel nothing, wrong with that, we did do a panel but we also played. nobody knew what we were gonna play. They didn’t even have us listed as performers.”

Kulik concluded: “They mentioned the other performers but not us how insulting. The Kulick brothers, no rehearsal, no sound check, the guinea pigs, the first band to play on the cruise with electric instruments. KISS only played acoustically, big difference. So there’s everybody crowded in the whole ship, like the Titanic, it was kind of tipping over from everybody standing there. What did we do? We mopped the floor with KISS. Mopped the floor with them playing their own songs, totally kicked ass. I looked to my brother and said this is magic. I then got tours booked for this band, offers, I had record deals ready to go even if it was only to play the songs we played on the cruise. Bruce turned all of it all down. Costing me work and wasting my time.” Paul Stanley recently revealed this horrible threat to quit KISS.