Motley Crue Icon Calls Slash Offensive Name


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee recently wished Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash a happy birthday, and he used an offensive name for the occasion! A Motley Crue icon recently revealed video of an A-list star he wants to see arrested and in jail.

Lee tweeted, “Happy Bday fukker!!! 🙌🏼”

Nikki Sixx tweeted on Friday, “It’s late. I can’t sleep. Let’s give the bottom feeder click bait media something to sift through and misquote. #AskSix.”

A fan asked, “Have you heard any good new music lately??” Sixx responded, “The best new music is wearing their rock influences on their sleeves. Nice to hear guitars back in the mix. Sure got wimpy for awhile didn’t it?”

A Motley Crue member recently revealed if the band were really kicked off a KISS tour for a bad reason. Another fan asked, “Hi Nikki, Are you enjoying your time in the new photography studio? Your photos of Courtney were stunning! #AskSixx.” Sixx said, “Hey thank you. Yes it’s great to have my own space. Got some good stuff planned and thank you. That was a fun shoot.”

A fan who is a mother asked, “My sons band needs a name for their band any ideas?” Sixx responded, “Beware Of Tigers. It’s from an old Warner brothers cartoon. I always loved it. I’m sure it’s available.”

Another fan asked, “What is your biggest accomplishment in life?” Sixx answered, “My 4 (soon to be 5) children and hopefully helping some less fortunate souls along the way.”