Motley Crue Icon Reveals Heartbreaking Jail Video


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee recently tweeted a video depiction of President Donald Trump in jail if he were to hypothetically be arrested. A Motley Crue member recently made a brutal Freddie Mercury AIDS death revelation.

“You just fired yourself… nice hands tied job mueller!!!”

“Trump is scary delusional…. denial headquarters!!!”

“Hahaha!! The only poles you’re gonna see are the ones in front of you sitting in the grey bar motel cell!!!!”

He later tweeted, “Is anybody else tired of the same shitty tv format? From reality to music.. can’t take it anymore.. hit me producers, time to get shit bumpin! Everything looks n feels the same… I’m out!”

Nikki Sixx recently called out a drug ‘monster.’ Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan recently wrote, “Wayyyyyy too much fun doing this episode of Worst Firsts with @melissavcomedy. I’ve watched this human grow through the years and NOW SHE’S ON FREAKIN SNL!!! I am so proud of her! Swipe to see our madness and listen to the podcast by clickin’ the link in my bio 😌💓”

She wrote as well, “I always seem to #GetIntoGoodTrouble – Had my ear pierced last night on the rooftop of the Andaz hotel. Thought about getting a watermelon tattooed on my ass since they were doing those too but passed. Anyway, be sure to check out the @GoodTrouble Season 2 premiere tonight @ 8pm on @freeform.”