Motley Crue Icon Makes Stunning Heroin Announcement


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has announced that he wants to turn The Heroin Diaries into a touring musical rather than a film, following the success of Motley Crue’s ‘The Dirt’ biopic on Netflix earlier this year. Mick Mars savagely unloaded on Motley Crue disrespect yesterday.

Letyouknowsoon said, “I wish @NikkiSixx would make #heroindiaries into its own film. Just watched #thedirt for the second time. There’s so much more to the story. Let’s see it on the #bigscreen. #opioid #opiodcrisis #opiodhysteria.” Nikki responded, “First its a touring musical…Spreading the word of recovery.”

Letyouknowsoon wrote, “Thanks for replying @NikkiSixx. I heard that was coming at the end of the book. Hope it makes it to Houston. Please don’t stop there. I didn’t grow up on Motley, your book drew me in. Thanks for being an advocate. Remember the movie Gia?”

Howard Stern revealed an awful Motley Crue paycheck a few days ago. Nikki Sixx also tweeted, “I keep getting asked to do a podcast.I felt pigeon holed doing a radio show but loved it too..Whats your thoughts?..I got a musical, a book, working with corporations on the opioid epidemic and something really massive….DO I have time and what would you want me to talk about????”

Hcrpndeth wrote, “IF you have time, bring up new bands that need a break, like the people that gave the Crue a break when they needed it.” Nikki responded, “Did that at iHeart for years. So great.”

ThereseSweden said, “You have so much doing all this and don’t forget being with your family❤️. By the way want some news about the musical, how is it going? Best regards.” Nikki responded, “My family is always number one..Everything else can wait in line…👍🏻” A Motley Crue member called out a fraud last week.