Motley Crue Icon Makes Emotional AIDS Claim


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx said he wants The Heroin Diaries Musical to do for the opioid epidemic what Rent did for HIV and AIDS in a new social media post. The message is accompanied by a photo of Sixx being interviewed on MSNBC. A Motley Crue member’s wife made a sad emergency room claim a few days ago.

“So many’s tentacles being organized to work together to raise awareness and give back to help addiction around the opioid epidemic including music,the touring musical, government ( local and national ) plus many partners I am proud to have on the team. One of our goals is that #TheHeroinDiariesMusical does for opioids what #Rent did for #HIV. #Team #TimeForChange #awareness.”

A Motley Crue member’s wife recently claimed that her husband smokes marijuana. Tommy Lee made a post on his Instagram about how he is annoyed by the posts many people make in their stories. He wrote, “F**k I love to mute all your dumbass IG stories!! Please people…just post what’s important…f**k the dumb shit.”

Lee also announced he will be on Ridiculousness, revealing a photo of his dressing room. He said, “Here we go! REDIC!” He added, “It’s on MTV for those that don’t know and I’ll get the air date s👀n !!!” Nikki Sixx liked the post. Many fans were trashing Lee in the comments, but he was defended by calheney2, who wrote, “Just gotta say it. Just because you watched the Dirt doesnt mean you have to become a super fan of Crue. Matter of fact most of us OG crueheads woyld perfer it if you didnt talk at all.”