Motley Crue Icon Reveals ‘Sick’ Mick Mars Photo


Motley Crue‘s lead guitarist Mick Mars has the looks that kill! A new Instagram story posted by fellow bandmate and bassist Nikki Sixx shows Mars in this sick, Guy Fawkes inspired outfit that we think is totally out of this world. A Motley Crue icon was spotted driving this ridiculous car [was it Mick Mars?] While Mars has been usually quiet and pretty reclusive since Motley Crue retired after the band’s 2015 tour, that doesn’t mean he still can’t the find his wild side out every now and then, as this photo shows. It can be viewed below.

In other Motley Crue news, Tommy Lee’s birthday was recently and the infamous Motley Crue drummer turned fifty-seven years old on Thursday. Tommy Lee was caught yelling at his wife in a hilarious video yesterday. Bandmate Mick Mars reached out on social media via Twitter to offer his wishes:

Happy Birthday T. Hope you have a killer day.

Whereas fans of the band offered their birthday wishes as well.

A Motley Crue member recently revealed a bizarre System of a Down secret. Kari said: “Happy Birthday to amazing and awesome and the greatest drummer!!!! Enjoy your day! Your drum solo was fucking awesome when I seen you years ago in Pittsburgh Pa!!! 🖤❤️🖤❤️🤟On your special day today take a walk on the WILD SIDE!! Even though you guys are know longer together! In my books Motley Crue is number one and they always will be!!!!!!!😍

Karen replied: “Happy Birthday Tommy Lee to one of the best drummers I saw at the girls girl’s girls show in the 80’s when you did a 360 while playing drums kick ass my mam have a great Birthday 🎂

Richie posted: “Happy Bday you played a huge part of my life in high school I’m glad life has blessed you my friend. Motley Crue is embedded in my soul too. Live it Loud

Jason chimed in with: ” Happy Birthday Tommy!! I remember the theatre of pain concert in Amarillo Texas and you threw your drumstick and it bounced of some dudes head. Can you say awesome?