Nikki Sixx Leaks Disgusting Motley Crue Dressing Room Photo


Motley Crue has the reputation of being known as one of the wildest acts in rock history. This wild moment in time is no exception as Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx recently took to social media to post this throwback photo. A Motley Crue legend revealed this crazy Vince Neil alcohol photo a couple of days ago. This particular photo shows the group’s wild side as Nikki Sixx is shown caressing a goat, with a little person [that looks like a 1980’s era Vince Neil] is holding a retro lollypop and a gorgeous woman in the background. You can view the photo below. A Motley Crue icon hotel disrespect was recently revealed.

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Weird things happen that at the time don’t seem so weird? On the road with @motleycrue.

In other news regarding Motley Crue, fans took to social media via the band’s subreddit to discuss the thirtieth-anniversary release of the group’s fifth studio album – Dr. Feelgood.

ServeTheServants2001 stated: “The vinyl disks look cool, I’ll give them that, but a lot of stuff here makes me raise an eyebrow (besides that high price). Playing cards? Band-aids? Drumstick pens? A generic black bag with some logos slapped on them? They could have at least given it the teal tile look from the album cover and make the handles resemble snakeskin. Hell, they could have given it dangling charms that resemble needles. Where are the demos (maybe some that we’ve never heard before)? Live concerts officially released on DVD? Maybe have the band members and even Bob Rock reflect on the recording process of the album. Maybe we could’ve had a book with tour photos from that time period. But I can at least give them credit for putting more effort into this release than the 30th-anniversary release for GGG.

caveman_tan put: “Agreed. I was looking forward to this being a big deal like The Beatles’ anniversary release the past few years, but the bundles are all kinda garbage. I decided the only thing I’d buy is the guitar pedal. Still, haven’t yet, but it’s way more of a collectible and cooler to me than just another re-release of the album.” (A Motley Crue icon revealed a ‘sick’ Mick Mars photo recently)