Motley Crue Member ‘Had No Idea’ About Firing


In a new interview with The Rock Experience With Mike Brunn, former Motley Crue singer John Corabi spoke about how he was replaced by Vince Neil upon his return to the band. Motley Crue had also hired Guns N’ Roses legend for an album.

Corabi joined Motley Crue in 1992 as the replacement for the group’s original singer, Vince Neil, who was dismissed due to personal differences. Corabi was on the vocals as Motley Crue released one critically acclaimed full-length CD, which ended up being a commercial failure in the wake of grunge, despite a Top 10 placing on the album chart.

When Neil returned to the fold in 1997, Corabi was left on his own and formed the band Union with ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick. In February 2018, Corabi released a live album of his performance of Motley Crue’s entire 1994 self-titled album, recorded on October 27, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. “Live ’94: One Night In Nashville” documents the album in its entirety along with the bonus track “10,000 Miles”, which was originally released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the “Quaternary EP.

John Corabi reveals he stopped getting calls:

“I learned a very hard, valuable lesson when I was in Motley. Obviously, everybody knows what the [1994 self-titled] record did or didn’t do. The tour was a nightmare. I was the new ingredient, and then I left. And the one thing that I learned was when I left the band, my phone stopped ringing. And it was kind of a harsh reality. I was the guy that was invited to all the parties, the backstage things, ‘Let’s go in a limo,’ ‘Let’s do this,’ ‘Let’s go to the Playboy mansion,’ ‘Let’s do that,’ and then the minute they made the announcement that Vince [Neil] was back, if I wanted to have a message on my answering machine, I had to call myself. And it’s weird. I just sat there and I went, you know what? It’s really just about waking up in the morning, the fact that you wake up and you open your eyes, it’s a good day; it’s a healthy day.

“But the Motley thing really made me look at the importance of, you know what? You do the best you can, fight for the things that you can change, fight for the things that you can make better, and then there’s just some things, man, that are out of your control. You can’t change it. I can’t change the fact that when I was in [the pre-Motley band] The Scream, I had no idea I was gonna get a call to join Motley. I had no idea that Motley was gonna bring Vince back. And I had no idea that my first record deal — and the Motley record — would come at the height of the music industry completely changing again.”