AC/DC Icon Dumped By Girlfriend For Awful Reason


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson revealed that his girlfriend dumped him when he was younger because he went to London. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments from his interview with Dolly Parton on his ‘Life on the Road’ AXS TV series. Brian Johnson was recently evasive when asked if he and AC/DC had retired.

“Dolly, when you start out in this business there is always somebody you’re with that maybe doesn’t want to go with you. They don’t want to take that journey with you. This girl said to me when I was younger, ‘I don’t want you going down to London, otherwise we’re finished.’ I said, ‘But I have to go.’ I just had to go.”

AC/DC fans on discussed Chris Slade’s ‘Rock or Bust’ tour performances yesterday after rumors about his status for the 2020 tour. Grim177 posted, “I think that part of the problem was that he tried to play them like he used to. Certainly as far as the fast numbers go.”

900 responded, “Listen to songs like HAABPTB and Shoot To Thrill from Donington, and how he manages the hi-hat? Seems to me the way he did it more recently was harder to do, aside from sounding odd. I’m not a drummer, someone else can explain all this better! On Donington he’s not just sword-fighting away on a closed hat playing 8ths, is the best I can describe it. He floats it along rather nicely.”

Grim177 shot back, “As I recall the only Hi-Hat on TRE era kit was on his right and fixed. It wasn’t set-up to be opened or closed with a foot pedal. Unless I’m mistaken this was not the case with the ROB kit where he played some songs on the fixed hat and others on a regular one to his left. Which was not fixed and could be opened or closed.

My main “issue” was (although I’m long passed caring tbh) that if he had simplified the faster numbers, LTBR and Rosie in particular and not tried to replicate those fast 8th’s, as he evidently can’t play them entirely evenly anymore, there wouldn’t have been a problem. He’d still of caught flack from some quarters for not playing like he used to of course but them’s the breaks. None of them were what they were 25 years before but they had adapted to their age and limits accordingly.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found an interview quote from Chris Slade from Jonalba where he said, ‘Angus Young asked him not to go as hard on the 16th notes in LTBR so Angus could show off more. Said it is exhausting, but he likes pushing himself as far as he physically can go.’ Quite telling that isn’t it.” Angus Young was devastated by a family death last week.