Motley Crue Reveal Vince Neil ‘Tight Jeans’ Photo


Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has posted a photo of he and his bandmates on his Instagram story where he is wearing tight jeans and appears noticeably thinner. Vince Neil recently dropped a new Motley Crue singer bombshell.

It is a bit of a photo edit/art work of an original photo though, so it could be a few years old, or perhaps how Vince envisions himself looking when Motley Crue kick off their summer stadium tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett this summer.

Nikki Sixx also shared a new photo, one with his adorable baby daughter Ruby as he pushes her on a stroller. Sixx said, “I’ve always thought being a dad was way cooler than just being a rockstar but low and behold you can do böth. 🤘🏽

Just did some saturday morning hills climbs with Ruby to get in some cardio. No weight training today.#SoreAsHell. -Ive taken every single one of my kids onstage at one point or another. Maybe Ruby can make her debut for her 1 year birthday on #TheStadiumTour? Working on a stroller that shoots flames. 🔥😂⚡️#SobrietyRocks.”

Davina1979 commented, “I am gutted the nite you play Chicago, I fly in from the UK that day and would have loved to have come to the show but it is sold out 😢.” Mmoreau1313 added, “Awesome dad and awesome picture bring her to the meet and greet in Houston id love to meet her.”

Lynnp1968 wrote, “Exercise with kids are great. Even lifting them up, I call it the Superman move – lay on back then lift them with your feet.” Mick Mars ‘refusing’ a Motley Crue tour demand was just revealed.