Mick Mars ‘Refuses’ Terrible Motley Crue Reunion Offer


Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars rejected a stunning Motley Crue tour offer from a fan to come to Japan a few days ago, stating he was unsure if an international tour would take place. Mick Mars recently broke his silence on a Motley Crue ‘death bed’ claim.

A fan asked, “Do you have any plans of coming to Japan in the near future?” Mars responded, “I can’t answer your question, because I don’t know the answer.”

ThatSloMaro recently posted on Reddit, “I have a feeling that Nikki, Tommy, and Mick all get along and they just kinda deal with Vince Neil.”

Jsparker77 responded, “Likely closer to your second question. I don’t think all 4 have legitimately gotten along in decades. At least 3 of them have gigantic egos, and that’s always going to be a constant source of conflict. You can perform together and not like each other, though. It’s how many groups work, and they can be very successful.”

Weezersleezer chimed in, “Eagles (with Frey), The Who, god only knows how many bands secretly (or not so secretly) hate each others guts.” Cannyfraunch69 wrote, “I’m pretty sure Nikki and Tommy are friends. I don’t think they really like Vince that much and vice versa but I doubt the bassist gives a shit about anything.”

Dirigo1820 commented, “Vince is the black sheep is my assumption. Mick probably just hates everyone in general.” RockguitarPF said, “I don’t think there’s any real beef, it’s just the fact that they’re all grown-ass men now who all lead very different lives apart from the band. Wives children and responsibilities have taken over, and don’t find much in common with each other anymore.

Also, you have to see each others faces every goddamn day while on tour, which lasts months. It gets stale after a couple of weeks of that shit.” Mick Mars wanting to hire a new singer was just revealed.