Keith Richards ‘Refusing’ The Rolling Stones Tour Leaks


The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo Wood discussed Keith Richards and Mick Jagger refusing to tour with each other in the 80’s after a major fight in a new On Nightlife with Sarah Macdonald interview. Alternative Nation transcribed Jo’s comments when she was asked about living in New York. Mick Jagger hiring a famous Keith Richards ‘stand in’ was recently detailed.

“We used to hang out a lot with David Bowie a lot in New York. I haven’t got any picture of David in the book, dammit. But the kids were at school, it was David, but we were on the upper west side, so it wasn’t so bad for us.

It was downtown that it was worse. We used to hang out there, it was great. It was really great, there were some great clubs, but we were a family as well. That was when they had the big break, Mick and Keith, they had the big argument.”

She later said about their time in New York, “It did get violent, I remember one night looking out the window, Ronnie was in the studio, and they were smashing the car outside of the house.”

Keithsman posted on about the rumored new The Rolling Stones album, “Been away from this thread for 7 months and it’s interesting to see the changes in attitude, now it’s Keith’s holding up the album on purpose. That’s hilarious, where do you people exist, fantasy Island.

The only thing Keith might be holding up is a Mick solo Stones album, and rightfully so, been there done that it’s bollocks. The pro Mick PR on here us laughable, i mean that’s what this place is these days, a Mick PR machine with the usual suspects talking the same one sided drivel.

OK see you guys in another 7 months, by that time I’ve no doubt that horrible Keith has spoiled the album to such a degree that it’s been shelved for another year. He just keeps stopping Mick from adding songs to the album, keep writing those demos Mick, soon you will have enough good material for an entry into next year’s euro vision song contest. It’s called Britain Lost. Free Mick.” Mick Jagger helped a ‘struggling’ Keith Richards in a photo that surfaced a few days ago.