Slipknot Member Covers Face After Fan Unmasks Him


Slipknot keyboardist Craig Jones covered his face by throwing up some devil horns with his hand after a fan found him unmasked near his tour bus after a concert. Corey Taylor tripped at a Slipknot show over the weekend.

b-rabbit777 commented, “All this Tortilla Man business and this dude has been hidden for 20 freakin years….” Vexillol0gy said, “Even though he hates being in the public eye, he seems like a genuine guy. Lucky, wish that was me lol.”

nickp-ky80 wrote, “I seen them in Riverbend Ohio back in 16 I think, Marilyn Manson and Of Mice and Men opened up for them, but I tried getting a ‘CRAIG CRAIG CRAIG’ chant going, but everyone was just staring at me like I was a f**king moron. I mean damn, he’s probably the least popular member of the band, and I was just trying to show some appreciation. I kept it going by myself though, well not really, that’s a lie, but I tried to keep it going, bunch of squares 🤘.”

Corey Taylor called out a new Slipknot member ripoff yesterday. Taylor recently told Mistress Carrie on WAAF about his new mask, “We were playing around with a bunch of different stuff. We were kind of throwing stuff back and forth, but nothing had that DIY look that I wanted. The way I was describing it was I wanted it to look like it was made in a basement. For real. Like, someone had crafted it in a basement, maybe for nefarious reasons. You never know. I wanted it to have that look of, and, I wanted it to be really off-putting.

Like, you couldn’t really look at it. And, that’s how we got to that one was by going, ‘Well, what if you could just almost see through it? You can kind of see your face, but then not?’ Almost, like there’s a movie called ‘Alice, Sweet Alice’, which is really disturbing. It’s a little kid wearing this almost see-through mask running around killing people. That really inspired me from that point of view, and then I would paint my face underneath, and the cool thing is I could paint it differently every night.

Then I actually got some feedback from some people, which took me in a completely different direction of people who had grown up with burns, and it actually resembles the mask, like the new skin kind of thing that they wear as the skin is healing. And they said that seeing me in that was very, I don’t want to say ‘liberating,’ but it was [it made them feel so not weird]. I loved that.” Slipknot masks were banned from a surprising concert last week.

Craig with a fan from r/Slipknot