Motley Crue Singer ‘Fat’ Insult By Rock Icon Revealed


Motley Crue singer Vince Neil and his weight were discussed by Steel Panther in a new Pitcam interview when they were asked about The Dirt. A Motley Crue icon hotel disrespect was recently revealed.

Satchel: I’m not a movie critic, but I will say this: it kinda bummed me out when in the movie Vince Neil had abs. Like, Vince Neil’s never had abs, like, ever. Even at 19 years old, Vince Neil did not have a six-pack, okay? [Laughs] He had like a kind of a little beer belly going on, and like, you know, they try to make everybody look good, I thought it was cool, they did a good job.

Michael: I think Machine Gun Kelly Killed it, he did a good job and he really carried the essence of Tommy [Lee], because back in the day when Motley Crue was at the height of their career, he had a lot of charisma, he had the most charisma in the band.

So I was drawn to him and I liked this whole deal, and I thought that Machine Gun nailed that shit. I thought the movie was fun, you know, when he went down the heroin thing, that was kind of a bummer and sad, and I would like to have seen a more of a happy ending, but I guess the happy ending is they got back together and toured. (A Motley Crue icon revealed a ‘sick’ Mick Mars photo recently)

Satchel: Yeah, you can’t rewrite what happened to the guys, right? That’s pretty much what happened, that’s how it all went down, and anybody who’s ever been in a band knows that there’s gonna be some conflicts going on because there’s a lot of egos. The Motley Crue guys, they got their own problems, they made up too, that’s what I’m saying.

Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan announced a few days ago a new live project with Nikki Sixx. She said, “I AM SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE WORST FIRSTS LIVE WITH SPECIAL GUEST NIKKI SIXX AT COMIC CON LA ON OCTOBER 12TH AT 6:00PM!!!! WHO’S GONNA BE THERE TO HEAR THIS EPIC WORST FIRSTS LIVE POD?!” A Motley Crue icon revealed a ‘madman’ Tommy Lee photo recently.