Neil Peart ‘Last Words’ Dying To Geddy Lee Revealed


Breaking Update: Neil Peart’s daughter emotionally breaking her silence was just revealed.

Rush drummer Neil Peart tragically died yesterday from cancer, and his final public words to Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson came during a 2017 Classic Rock Magazine interview where he discussed a new Rush film at the time. Neil Peart’s last photo before his death just surfaced.

“I haven’t watched the documentary, but I know that in the dinner scene I was choking and crying all the way through it, because of the things Alex was saying. A guy I know told me: ‘You are Alex’s best audience.’ And I said: ‘Yeah, I’m helpless around him. He’s the funniest man in the world.’

He concluded, “Yes. The three of us really balance each other out. We’re still the same suburban goofballs that we always were. And we’re so fortunate to have a relationship like that.”

Carl Palmer said, “I only met Neil Peart once. He was a great drummer and a gentleman! He will be remembered as being one of the most innovative drummers in the Prog world. He made it it a better place for all of us. I was always a Rush fan and he was the perfect drummer for them. I will miss him.”

Phantom posted on, “So many thoughts are racing through my mind. He had a profound impact me and without being dramatic, he was instrumental in shaping my life.

When someone impacts you in such an enormous way, for selfish reasons, you want them to be part of your life for a very long time. I recall years ago posting in the forum that I worried about his motorcycling and I worried about his smoking.

There’s a part of me that wishes he had shared his thoughts on smoking (if it was determined whether or not it was a contributing factor in his disease). Having lost a parent who smoked to lung cancer, and having seen and heard her heartbreaking regret first-hand, I hope he didn’t experience the same.” Slash revealed a heartbreaking Neil Peart photo yesterday.