John Lennon Ripped The Beatles ‘Fraud’ Before Death


Late The Beatles member John Lennon’s official Twitter sent out the following quote. The quote is actually an old line from Lennon about self-awareness and how we should not romance the past. You can view it below. John Lennon ‘cheating’ on wife confirmed by family. Lennon said, “They’re still imitating. And if we have this self-awareness, or whatever—inner thing, and just catch them before they imitate the old image, we might get together somewhere.”

In other news regarding the Beatles and John Lennon, fans recently took to the subreddit of the band to discuss what they felt was the most underrated tracks off of one of the ‘the Fab Four’s’ most beloved albums, ‘Let It Be’. John Lennon’s son just revealed if he hates “Hey Jude.”

dnjksandkj wrote: “I didn’t like it so much when I listened to the original version, but the Naked re-release makes it one of my favorites. I don’t care so much about the stripped-down sound, just the reordering and the fact they took out the two 50 second intermissions (and used Don’t Let Me Down instead) makes it such a great experience. Ending the album on Let It Be is so nice too. Two of Us is one of my favorite tracks of theirs, I was so surprised to see people didn’t care for it much.”

Whereas Wildcat427 replied: “You expressed my sentiments exactly. The reordering of the tracks and the inclusion of “Don’t Let Me Down” elevate the record to the quality of the band’s other albums.”

John Lennon walking the streets before his shooting with a woman was revealed in a new photo. The original user then responded by saying: “I always thought artists were acting irrationally when they left good songs off of a record (released only later) because they didn’t ‘fit the flow’, but after listening to LIBN I get it completely. It makes such a massive difference.”