New Rap Music Video Filmed At Chris Cornell Mansion


Rapper Isaac Jacuzzi recently filmed a new music video for “Guava” at Chris Cornell’s home in Ojai, California. Cornell lived in Seattle and Ojai until he split with his first wife Susan Silver in 2002, Silver and their daughter Lily have had the home since then. Tom Morello has said that he met with Chris Cornell at the Ojai home in 2001 to propose forming Audioslave.

Lily Cornell Silver works as a manager and musician in the Seattle music scene, and she is friends with Jacuzzi and is promoting the video on Instagram.

She wrote, “Y’all better check out what big bro dropped today. nothing but talent, humility, kindness, and love from this local legend. so thankful to be a part of this journey with you. love u cuzzi bwoy @isaacjacuzzi.”

Jacuzzi wrote on Instagram, “Last winter I felt like I lost it all. The girls, the money, the cars. Shit, all that I was building towards just fell apart. But with hard times comes responsibility. I know my family and a lot of y’all count on my music to help get through this thing we call life. Our journey is far from over. With that being said I present to you a remastered and repackaged ‘a dream from the tropics’ enjoy. ~ cuzzi ♨️.”

Watch the video below.