New Slipknot Member Hit In Face By Surprising Name


The new Slipknot member, who according to his mother is Michael Pfaff, better known as ‘Tortilla Man,’ does a professional wrestling type piece of performance art onstage with bandmate Sid Wilson at shows where they play wrestle, and in their latest piece of rough housing, Wilson hit Tortilla Man in the face! Hopefully like WWE’s best wrestlers, he made sure to hold back his punch, as it appears he did in the video.

ZetaRaze wrote on Reddit, “This was Jones Beach, New York. I was right near the stage and I saw Sid stare down Tortilla when he walked down the steps then he ran back to his drums quickly, and Sid chased him to them and started fake hitting like that and I was like WTF lol I took a video too.”

Corey Taylor tried to claim another big name was the new Slipknot member a couple of weeks ago. ScarredMusic wrote about Tortilla Man, “In the old days, their names were never a secret. Just what they looked like. It wasn’t until 1999 until they made their nationwide debut. Myspace and Facebook weren’t around then. Social media profiles weren’t a thing. Yeah, you had yahoo messenger, and AIM, but even then, you just picked a random screen name.

Now, imagine if their 1999 debut album came out in 2019. They wear masks, don’t reveal their faces to the public, yet we know their names. It would be fairly easy to find a picture of them unmasked, or find someone who knows who they are since they are all from Des Moines, Iowa, and it would be fairly easy to find a family member, or classmate, etc… to confirm.

Initially the whole point of the masks was that it doesn’t matter what the fuck they look like, or who they are (yet they never hid their names, like I said, different times back then).

Throughout the years with their various side projects and people getting to meet them IRL, it became obvious who they were behind the mask. They still never perform live unmasked though, which I love. I love the masks and the mask changes each album cycle.

As far as Tortilla Man’s identity being ‘secret,’ to me it’s pretty obvious it’s Mike Pfaff. Just as obvious it was to everyone that Vman was the new bassist and Jay was the new drummer. The band clearly didn’t want their identities to be revealed because at that point, they had to prove themselves. They can’t just come walk into the band. They have to prove themselves to the band, and the fans first. But, that didn’t go as planned because people instantly identified V-Man the day ‘The Devil in I’ video dropped, and there was much speculation that it was Jay. Even before the band officially confirmed it, the tech leaked the itinerary.

Now do I think the fact that he is still technically ‘unknown’ and only referred to as Tortilla Man or New Guy ‘better’? To me it doesn’t really matter, but it is fun, it is entertaining and clearly the band find it funny themselves, hence them throwing tortillas in the audience and what not. It’s also entertaining because mainstream celebrities outside of the music industry are getting involved such as Gilbert Gotfried and Chris Hansen. It’s fucking hilarious, but to me, he has been killing it live, and that’s what matters.” An unmasked onstage video of the new Slipknot member was revealed a few days ago.

RIP Tortilla Man 2019-2019 from r/Slipknot